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The Graduate School of International Management considers individuals with one of the following qualifications to be eligible applicants: 

(1) Those who hold, or are about to receive, their bachelor's degree from an accredited
four-year college or university and who have completed a minimum of sixteen years of
formal schooling.

(2) Those who hold a bachelor’s degree in a country where less than 16 years of formal
schooling is required for completion of that degree program and who have one or more
years of research experience subsequent to their bachelor’s degree at an academic
institution; minimum age of 22.  
Note: An official letter attesting to the academic research experience is required as
part of the application documents.

Note: In some cases, those who hold a bachelor’s degree from an educational institution
in a country where 15 years of formal schooling is required for completion of that degree
program but who have no research experience may be regarded as eligible applicants
based on their undergraduate performance.  

(3) Those who hold an Associate Degree (one of the higher tertiary degrees issued
usually after 14 years of schooling by such educational institutions as junior colleges
in the U.S.A., Japan or other countries that have compatible education systems),
minimum age of 22, has 2 years of work experience, and whose demonstrated academic
ability is recognized as equivalent to that of a bachelor’s degree holder by IUJ prior to
Those in this category, please contact the IUJ Admissions team for details.


Special considerations for 1-year MBA

In addition to holding a bachelor’s degree as noted in (1) above, the applicant should have
a minimum of 5 years of work experience.


The Graduate School of International Management of IUJ is dedicated to developing tomorrow's leaders. Applicants will be reviewed on the basis of the following criteria in accordance with the mission above.

1. Clearness of career goals, significance and positioning of proposed study in the IUJ MBA/E-business Management program toward those goals.

2. Aptitude and potential to become a business leader who can manage increasingly globalizing organizations.

3. Maturity and fair sense of values as a member of the multinational and multicultural IUJ community and interest in understanding different cultures, actively communicating with others, and creating a world-wide human network.

Number of Students

A combined maximum of ninety (90) students for MBA and E-Business Management programs are admitted per year.

Time of Enrollment

Enrollment in the IUJ MBA program or the IUJ E-Business Management program is possible only in September, at the start of the fall term.

Type of Applicants

IUJ receives applications from two groups: Domestic Applicants (residents of Japan, regardless of nationality) and International Applicants (residents of countries other than Japan, regardless of nationality). Admissions guidelines are slightly different for domestic and international applicants.

Decision Cycles

Applications still incomplete by the closing date of each cycle will be considered in the next cycle if they are subsequently completed. Applications which are incomplete as of the final application deadline for each applicant’s group will not be evaluated.

Domestic Applicants (residents of Japan):

We base admission decisions on an evaluation of the application documents and an entrance exam . There several separate intakes for admissions. Entrance examinations will be held at:
            International University of Japan
                        777 Kokusai-cho, Minami Uonuma-shi, Niigata 949-7724 Japan   


Entrance Examination

 Interview test

An interview is performed in English. However, when required, it may be carried out in Japanese. About the time of the interview, an applicant is notified and sent an examination ID card.

 International Applicants (residents of countries other than Japan):

We base admission decisions on an evaluation of the application documents submitted. There are separate intakes for admissions.